Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fist post of 2014

So I got the invite from Jason . He asked if I would like to sell some of my crap in the ATR booth at the Easyrider show in Anaheim on saturday and then on sunday at built well  . I was like  "fuck yeah" .You don't have to ask me twice . I love hang out with nick and Jason and all the ATR gang . It's always a fun time . Here's some pics of the weekend .thanks for the invite  Jason & thanks nick & Sinth for couch and good times 

Early morning cruzz to Jason's  

Maggie's survivor trike 
At the restroom 
Pack Ratt records & junk swap meet life
Cheesy riders 

Bo's survivor  
Stopnick wizardry 
Surprise B day bash for nick .

Flossin J .big nick & little nick 
That's all tape pin lines . Crazy!!!
Rico don't give fuck !!!
The end 

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