Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bo's bad as triumph survivor AKA "Miller Time"

So i met Bo at the Easyrider show last weekend .we had so mutual Friends and I was told he had a killer triumph survivor and i should go check it out . Well I checked it out and  I'm stoked I did .. I asked Bo if he had old pics of the bike and sure as shit he did !! This is what he sent me ... 

"Hey man it was nice meeting the other day, I checked out your blog it rules! Here's some pictures that Harold sent me. He's from Ohio and painted and molded the frame himself. He actually re-painted it a few times, I like the alien keg high life UFO theme the best.. It won 1st place at the Autorama twice. The motor came from san diego, some guy named "the margarita man" had it for years and had sonny angel build the motor but never ran it. ginger from new church moto covered the seat she rules. my friend anyhony castaneda at loco moto made the seat pan and sisssy right before he passed away last year. " 
Before Harold molded the frame 
Thanks for the photos Bo .it was killer meeting  I hope to see you down hear on the MILLER TIME some time soon .. Here's some photos I took of the bike at the Easyrider show and congrats on the peoples choice win !!

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