Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pete's pan

My buddy Pete to me has always been "triumph Pete" . He's built some really nice trumps in the past and is a parts wizard and has been buying and selling shit forever. Pete don't fuck around. When he said he wanted a Harley I was like nooooo!!!! . I should of known he wasn't going to go out and get some gay sportster and turn it in to a half ass chopper ... Nope he got him self this bad ass 56 FLH Pan Head and built a clean no frills ripping ride . Good job Pete sell it and build more triumphs... Ha ha check out his blog ....

Friday, November 23, 2012


trying to get to this event. Free Turd Bultaco coming soon....maybe....probably not

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1966 Velocette Thruxton at Trophymotorcycles

So my little shop Pack Ratt records and junk is connected to Trophy motorcycles in San Diego they specialize in vintage brit bikes and service all kinds of other new and old bikes . I see some crazy bikes come threw hear on a day bases. Some times I see some really rare bikes come in the shop and this is one of them . This is a 1966 Veloctte Thruxton all original and un molested only 1008 were made. This bike was originally sold in San Diego in 1966 with the vin# VNT619 I'm a San Diego local 619 lifer I dig that 619 vin # . This bike is on display for a few weeks come check it out ...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4Q max schaaf size 10.5 vans shoes & grips for sale

Almost new 4Q kicks and brand new 4Q grips. these were brought in to my shop today . If the shoes were my size I'd keep them . I have A pair of the grips so I'm selling these ones. I'm asking $160.00 for all of it call me if you want them 619-581-9168

Monday, November 5, 2012

it's on!

Going from a tiny, mold infested, uneven floored one car garage to this is quite a treat. It's slowly starting to shape up and by the time it's done Mikey and I should be started on Turd #3. The new house is a huge step up for the family and the bonus bowl is the icing on the cake! Thanks to the Ohlin's who we could never thank enough for this opportunity, love ya guys! Here's to new beginnings!! Cheers! -Glenn

What a difference a day makes !!!

So i was bored at work . I was looking at my bike and said "I want to try out different bars" . My friend Brin stopped by the shop looking for some drag bars and traded me these fonzy bars for drag bars so I put em on and said to my self "I should run a different tank".Well Tim who is 1/2 owner of trophy motorcycles Is a bit of parts hoarder . He let me hang this bitchin tank in
My shop. He took the day off so I put it on my bike and Bam!!! It looks like a hole new bike ha ha . I probably have to give back the tank when I get back to work on Tuesday ha ha thanks tim.
Its pretty funny how different it feels with the wide bars .I bombed it around all weekend .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


at 2:25 peep game fool

ps i in no way encourage anyone to listen to this. Rick Ross maybe, but not this.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trophy MC / Pack Ratt records & clothing's big BIKE NIGHT

.The tower bar was a ripping spot for the bike night . The parking lot was lit up and plenty of room for bikes.killer bartenders.the Tower bar is the only gritty little dive bar left in town plus Mick and Danielle "owners" are super cool and really let's us do what ever we wanted with the night. Danielle even pulled up on her vintage Honda . Every one was really respectful . every type of bike was there from choppers to vintage cafe racers new and old harley and every thing in between . The Coffin Chasers & the Violators and members of the Ton-Up Club made it out . every one had a blast Thanks to the tower, trophy motorcycles , Heavy Freddie for DJing ,and every one that made it out.I even scored some chopper gold thanks for the brats & the chopper parts Dave Hargreaves of Cerberus ...look forward for more ripping bike nights from the gang at Trophy motorcycle / Pack Ratt are Records ps thanks to Ed Teply from Lifetime tattoo for the ripping flier art