Monday, October 14, 2013

Trophy motorcycles day at Hell on wheels hill climb 2013

I gotta say I really didn't want to to go or care about this event . I'm not a dirt bike guy it's not my thing. But my buddies Isaac & Tim from TROPHY MOTORCYCLES are all about desert sleds and dig the dirt life. Both Isaac & Tim  have ripping vintage desert sled triumphs. They dig the Hell On Wheels events and really thought I'd like it. Isaac kept hitting me up to go on this trip so I said fuck it I'll go and I'll ride my bike up that fucking hill . So I spent the day before the event ripping my daily rider apart and turning it it to what I think a vintage hill climber should look like . This was the best time I've ever had on two wheels. Thank you Isaac & Tim for the ripping day and Thanks to Meatball & Hell On Wheels  for throwing a great event. Ps I made it up that fucking hill... I'll have some video of this event up soon

Puppy Stopnick 

Trophy's neighbor wins best stack of the day. his bike hit him in the head


  1. One can tell that you had a fun time on a special day that you will remember always. Thanks for posting these pictures. Tom Corley

  2. What you don't see is Mikey hauling ass to the top of that hill, twice.