Friday, October 18, 2013


Met this gal  Cassandra yesterday at my shop. She was on a road trip cruzzing around with some of her  buds from Oakland they where in town for the SAVIOURS show.. She had a Ripping vintage back patch on her vest . It looked to legit to be a new patch . I asked her if I could shoot a photo of it and what was the deal with it . She told me it was her grandpas club he started in the 60s call the "DEFIANTS" when he past on she got all his stuff . I think its fuck ripping she flys his patch in respect for her gramps and keeps his colors flying in the wind where they should be on the road and not in box somewhere forgotten .


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  1. She's legit she takes bad ass pics too. Met her back 2011 on edr. See her out on runs up down coast