Monday, July 30, 2012


I personally never gave a rats ass about freestyle. I know its skateboarding and Rodney invented this and that, but its just never moved me. The board had wheels to go, not stand around and hip hop and shake and groove. The guys powering through the streets, dodging cars and slapping curbs is what got the blood flowing. Anyways, those guys on the bench are pretty cool and I dig this photo.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zack Ratt

So my second job was working at the local skate shop.i was a grom and I loved working in skate shops cuzz I got parts for free or cheep and I got to hang out with skaters all day it ruled. I never stopped working at skate shops or skate factory's cuzz I love skateboarding I still work one day a week at route 44 skate shop . I met a lot of kids at the shops I worked at.some were lame some cool some came some went . But one kid always hung out my buddy zack he was just a gromy punker kid that would come to the shop and was hella cool. he just looked like all my friends I hung out with but just mini .he Never bugged just hung out buying punk records from the back of Route 44 skate shop and would talk about his band.He would always invite me to his punk shows. His old band Gross Negligence was strait up skate rock 80s punk .I would go and check em out and I would feel real old cuzz zack and his buddy's would be getting fucking crazy. He killed the drums...and his band was fuck ripping.... Well zacks not a grom any more .he just picked up this little sporty and he's starting to hooked it up ...I feal like I'm going to be out of some parts soon. Hears what he's got so far.....PS he went from shop grom to Free Turd prospect ha ha!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wills big bike BBQ

Holly crap this weekend ruled . I had a killer time at born free .hung out with great people and had a blast.well the next day was just as rad . Me nick an sinthya took a ride down the cost and met up Jason & Jamal . We cruzzed over to Will Thomas's big bike BBQ born free after party.we hung out chowed down checked some killer bikes and talked some shit good times.Then nick sinthya and I head home and stopped at this toco shop and ran into "Jay boy" Adams he gave me his nachos ha!! What a ripping day.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Born free weekend with ATR and freind

I got up to nicks on Friday afternoon every one was fuckin around and talking shit like usual .nick was still printing ATR stuff so we all helped out packing and folding shirts and boxing the new ATR "Andy" pick can these badass little pegs up on the ATR blog. Then we put nicks new tire on and that was some fun shit 4 dude and one tire Ha!! After we got on we went on a little blast around costa masa .then we headed up to born free the next day . Had a blast sold a ton shit and hung with ripping freinds . Good times good friends ripping days