Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zack Ratt

So my second job was working at the local skate shop.i was a grom and I loved working in skate shops cuzz I got parts for free or cheep and I got to hang out with skaters all day it ruled. I never stopped working at skate shops or skate factory's cuzz I love skateboarding I still work one day a week at route 44 skate shop . I met a lot of kids at the shops I worked at.some were lame some cool some came some went . But one kid always hung out my buddy zack he was just a gromy punker kid that would come to the shop and was hella cool. he just looked like all my friends I hung out with but just mini .he Never bugged just hung out buying punk records from the back of Route 44 skate shop and would talk about his band.He would always invite me to his punk shows. His old band Gross Negligence was strait up skate rock 80s punk .I would go and check em out and I would feel real old cuzz zack and his buddy's would be getting fucking crazy. He killed the drums...and his band was fuck ripping.... Well zacks not a grom any more .he just picked up this little sporty and he's starting to hooked it up ...I feal like I'm going to be out of some parts soon. Hears what he's got so far.....PS he went from shop grom to Free Turd prospect ha ha!!

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